29 Jul 2008

In Da Bug

It was another great night. Packed with a responsive crowd. Felix payed the best I've heard him....and what character too, with that big cheshire cat grin, and swaying around with his big bottle of bling Tequila. And what about his spontaneous Ibiza-style go-go dancers (his girlfriend and her sister?!) going mad on the podium...er, booth. Brilliant.

I was a little wilted from this ridiculously humid weather we've had, as was everyone, so I eased into the night with some house-ier-disco sounds, before building up to the big-room-techy stuff.......and to my huge enjoyment (and relief!), the debut of my new remix went down a storm at about 2am........xxJ

26 Jul 2008

Love Bug

I was in spain for most of last week. I was in Benicassim doing the FIB pre-party on Weds which was really really packed and fab. There were loads of familair faces from the festival last year...... Then hopped on Ferry over to Ibiza. A place I hadn't played for almost 6 years! To be honest, I never really liked playing there. I think the first time around, in 2002, Ibiza was not quite ready for the electro-non-conformity of De Freq....but a lot changes in 6 years......I played at Amnesia this time, in the main room. I really think it's the one of the best if not the best venues on the Island. It was Jade Jagger's Jezabel night, so I was glam-ing it up (at her stunning villa afterwards and at the club ; ), but I still kept the music underground and unashamedly upfront.....it was really a big success for me to see the crowd in Ibiza really going for all of it. A great night......

But now it's that time again!!! Bugged Out is on tonight at the End in London, and I'm playing the 1-3am set before Felix Da Housecat , whoop whoop! It's been at least a year since I've had this earlier-peak-time-ish set (normally I do the weird and wonderful graveyard, 4:30-7am), so I'm super excited and getting my tracks together for tonight......I've literally just finished my Man Like Me remix, and just done some DIY mastering so I can debut it tonight. It's turned out to be quite a peak-timer I must say, and quite a tricky one at that, so Bugged Out in the End's main room is surely the best possible place to test drive it?.....I'm also gonna drop Alter Ego's new completely bonkers discothequed-up version of Tiga's classic "Sunglasses at Night". I know what you're thinking, I too was a bit scared when I initially heard it was getting remixed, but trust me this will blow your camp-as-you-know-you-wanna-be mind. It is seriously fresh...........

Bugged Out is always a place where I really can play what I want to play, that being the most forward thinking, entertaining electronic club music. It's totally about music, listening to it, buzzing about it, but it's also just fun and and about letting go....serious, but without being up your arse about it.....It's really another great-line up tonight too. Hope to see you there!

11 Jul 2008

Back 2 Jack

I'm back.....

After a little break in Ibiza to celebrate a friends birthday, which I almost blogged about but had to quickly whisk off to Paris to visit some family over from Canada on a whirlwind high speed Eurostar trip. Then dash straight over to Zurich and Madrid for a weekend of gigs, and wizz down to my debut in Bath not before a gig at Magic Circle in London. I've been in 6 cities over the last couple of weeks and although it's exciting, inevitably, it's exhausting too.

So I'm back......

Back with a bloody Summer cold. As well as the travel-fatigue, it's probably all the winter-like weather we're currently experiencing here in this part of the UK. But it's nice to be at home again to re-group, even if I'm somewhat debilitated with a bug.

Back, back.....

In London, in Dalston, at home! I'm currently in my studio finishing off a remix for Man Like Me, which I'm very very excited about. It was a totally unplanned spontaneous commission. I literally received his new single 'Carny' via MP3 as a promo and emailed back immediately to ask to do a remix. I love the track. When I saw them live a few times last Summer it was always the standout for me. But it's not in any shape or form that I could ever really work into a club set, so.......It's been an absolute pleasure to remix, I guess it always is when you really love the tracks you're working with...and that's how I'd always like it to be.... only work with the stuff I really love.....If we're lucky I'll get to post my remix up here when it's ready next week! I've also got another of my own original tracks in the works, it's just about finished as well, but got put on hold temporarily while I did the remix. So my new one will be ready for promo at the end of the month, I may post it up here too if I'm feelin generous ( and i usually am ; )

Back again.....

And got my html book out, and got I my blog title fixed up and looking sharp. Do you like it? If you look at it long enough you'll start breathing in time time with it, and it will hypnotize you, whhhah...I'm also re-directing all my traffic from jojodefreq.com over to here, and to my Myspace. My website was once the hub of my attention, but since these other web mediums have developed, it's been a bit neglected. I've had it for over three and it seems like eons! It's time for a re-fit, a renewal, so in the meantime I'll be sending people here.....which means a lot more action on this site.

Also got a new Beatport chart up: JoJo's Acid Carnival

And here is vid from Man Like Me, it's from his "Oh My Gosh" released last Summer, but it's a good taste of his sound and style and what's to come from their new single.....I think it's the bee knees ; )...I love all the home made pyschotropic graphics...and I'm really feelin the lyrics: