10 Jul 2009

Step It Up!

Hello Hello....I know it's been a while.... you'll soon find out why.....anyway, I thought I'd share with you a bit of what I've been listening to this Summer. This mix is a few months old now and a lot of the tracks are even a few years old. But I've probably listened to it a what a billion? maybe two billion times over the past few months (no really i'm obsessed!). So who really gives a fuck? Not I. As D'lex cautioned in his podcast notes, this is probably not one for the purist Dubstep heads, since there are a lot of the scenes tried and tested faves on here. But if you're like me an anti-purist and not a non 'head' but you enjoy the bass-y end of electro-tech with a few futuristic melodic elements plus wicked percussion, you will love it. Every track is just pure genius, and the programming and flow of the mix one of the best I've heard. So cheers to D'lex from and Stealth and Dollop in Nottingham for the exceptional mix. And go team Dubstep!

Hope you enjoy it Jxx

D'lex (Dollop) - Dubstep Mix