29 Aug 2008

Welcome To Dalston

Well here it is. MYTH 04, Welcome To Dalston. It's a homage to my place of residence for more than 4 years here in East London, the lovely-grimy Dalston. If you've been here you'll know what I mean. It's a strange but buzzing mix of Afro/Caribbean immigrants and hipsters (and it is growing) hence the African gospel choir samples and the stacks of klapz. It's meant to be a Summery track, cause I made it in the Summer, unfortunately Summer is prematurely dead were I am right now.....but maybe some of the Southerners from the warmer parts of the world that visit the blog can still enjoy it (and there are quite a few of you!) Don't worry if nothing much happens in the first 60 seconds, that's just the intro for mixing, it's not a radio edit, just in club format. I've uploaded it to Swiss super-music-sharing-and-caring-site Fairtilizer to create this snazzy new player. If you've not checked this site, get on there now, is it hot! hot! hot!

This is, as always, a 100% JoJo De Freq production. The track is out today exclusively on Beatport. You heard it here first. SHO SUM LUV!

21 Aug 2008

Ruled By Mercury


If you don't already know (I'm a bit late to learn, as I don't think there were any promos sent out on this one) this is Bloc Party's new single Mercury. I saw it last night and was absolutely mesmerized. I'd like to declare this my new Favorite song....but it's more that that, it has entered into my bloodstream, my cells are vibrating this song and it's video. You know when a track just connects like a strong slap, it's like an old leather jacket that fits perfectly. The track makes me excited. Period...... I'm a fan of this on so many levels: the chorus is a direct reference to an Astrological transit, and I'm a secret astro-believer. The brass section in this is so what I'm loving right now too, that's why it's the only instrument I choose to use in my Man Like Me Remix, although theirs is live not sampled, which has it's own brilliant chaotic shapes. And no, it's not dance music, in a conventional club format, (because this blog is not limited to genres, neither are my my tastes). But it does have a lot of electronic dance production techniques, and one that I've been loving for while, which is manipulating vocals in a sampler. Kelly's vocal sounds brilliant on this anyways, but the stuttered looped vocal effect in the chorus is so fucking fresh. And I guess it's the menacing bottom end that really gets me, it's almost drum and bass and definatly techno.....or maybe it's the mad percussion....yes, I almost forgot they have the most amazing drummer.....but it's the video too. The surrealsim, the cow with the lobster-claw that takes over the world, the conven of evil monkeys that orchestrate it. What does it mean? It's not just beacause I'm a massive Mighty Boosh fan, but I've always been attracted to surrealism, whether it means running around playing dress-up or contemplating Dali.....I'm sure they'll be another post on this topic............but I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I think it's an gutsy creative turn for Block Party and possibly the best thing they've done.

There is also a Herve Remix on the single which is out now, which will undoubtedly destroy the dancefloor......

19 Aug 2008

What Summer?

Yes, we love to moan, "this summer is crap!", but then when it's too hot and sticky, as it gets in England in the Summer, we complain about that too.....but really, what Summer??? It's been the worst in years me thinks ; (.....And hence It's the name of my latest Beatport chart, because it's already Autumn in August, and mostly because, sadly, just about everybody who submits a chart for Beatport in the Summer calls it, guess what, "Summer" chart....how inspiring?

Anyway, too be honest I secretly love the grey rainy weather. I love wearing my Autumn clothes much more than my Summer ones. And grey is great when you're working in the studio all day...there's nothing worse as when the sun beats through my window in the afternoons so I can't see my computer screen and I have to close the curtains and work in the dark... or even funnier, with my sunglasses on. So bring on the grey! It's gloomy, introspective and productive. Love it!

JoJo De Freq's What Summer? Beatport Chart

1 - Man Like Me - JoJo De Freq's - Island Pressure Remix (Prestel)
You know about this one already (cause i just blogged about it below), and yes, I've shamelessly put it at number one, cause I've decided I really like it now ; )

2 - Kevin Saunderson Rock To The Beat - Cristian Smith & John Selway Remix (KMS)
How fabulous is this??? Sexy deep, dramatic, and bang up to this second, curtosey of Smith & Selway's production skills. Check out the original new beat version on You Tube, it's even earlier than the Detroit techno version. Brilliantly retro and kooky, I'm in love with it. "Fantasy. Fantasy".

3 - The Loungin Kollective - Riddim Come Forward - Herve's Fire Pom Dem Version (Loungin Recordins)
Is it just me, or does this not sound like a big fat de-tuned techno lead?...Me tinks it's great twist for bassline bad boy Herve.

4 - Frankie - Brize (Faste Music)
I've always been a fan of Frankie's quirky techno sound and have featured him many times in my charts. He's had so many great tracks on his label, but still he remains quite a faceless underground producer. This one really blows my mind...brilliant late night contortions.

5 - Smith N Hack - Space Warrior (Smith N Hack)
I heard this originaly on a blog last year and had to wait for ever for it to come out...but it was worth it. This is bonkers, in the most skilled way. It's one of those rare visual tracks, just close your eyes and you can just see the cinematic Space Warrior in action.

6 - Gamal Kabour - The Filth (Poker Flat)
Sometimes Poker Flat is a bit too slick, cold and polished for my taste, so I had overlooked this one. Then Matt Walsh turned me on to this and I'll now have to eat my words. This is dirty and weird, in the best way of course ; )

7 - Lexy - The Return of Skakovac (Areal Records)
So lush and dreamy and emotional, a rare find.

8 - Thomas Schumacher - Red Purple (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
I got turned on to this at an after-house-party in Vienna. It's hard to tell listening to it on Beatport, but the bass in this just makes you float. Simple but so effective.

9 - The Martin Brothers - Dum (Dirty Bird)
Another quirky bouncing bass line from the Dirty Bird crew. Dum. It just sums it up doesn't it? It's just how you feel some points in the night.

10 - Marc Houle - Jouster (Minus)
I looooove Marc Houle and I've been enthusing about him for ages. He seems a bit of an outsider to the whole minimal thing, despite being on Minus, and despite being very minimalist in style. His stuff just has something special about it. Something different. Can't put my finger on it. This is minimal electro, not minimal techno, from Detroit.

★ click on the link to go straight through to Beatport to listen/buy

10 Aug 2008

Field Report

Me and Naomi// *Girlcore*


Isa GT, Crooker & Friend

Modeselecktor on the mic

Brodinski & Matt Walsh

Richie Hawtin Eating some crisps

Richie on stage

Richie's techno-tastic-lightshow

Brodinski rocking it

I had the weekend off, and went down to check out the brilliant line-up in the Bugged Out tent at the Field Day festival in East London. It was the first time in as long as I can remember I went out to enjoy some music without thinking about playing myself! It was completely recreational. Strange, but nice. Nice to have the time to check out some some other acts, and socialize. The weather was crap and raining, of course, but then that just made it all the more a proper English festival. I met up with some friends in the crowd and met a few new people backstage. I had a really nice mojito and organic chicken burger...... and then just generally misbehaved......now, back to the studio with some fresh perspective........

5 Aug 2008

Ich Bin Plem Plem?

I was playing in Vienna at the weekend. The club night was called Plem Plem. Apparently this is German for "a little bit crazy" but in a "cute" way, like a word kids use in the playground type thing.....hmmmm? Yes I liked that idea for a club name.....and it was indeed a little bit crazy....I had a great time though, even though I had very little sleep...etc.etc...

Here is my set recorded at the club by Vienna's Play FM, a very cool website that has been streaming electronic DJ sets forever (in internet terms), check out their site and my set there:

JoJo De Freq Live @ Plem Plem, Camera Club, Vienna

Edu K Ft. Marina-Me Bota Pra Dancar - Acapella
Tomboy & Fredski - Do The Tartlet
Smith N Hack - Space Warrior
The Martin Brothers -Dum
Otto Van Schirach - Dance Like A Hoe
Alter Ego - Jolly Joker - DJ Koze Remix
Sven UK & Andomat 3000 - O Mores
Aramand Van Helden J' T amie - Switch Remix
Deadmau5 & Jelo - The Reward is Cheese
Andy Stuffa - Pretty Girls Ft. Mapei - David Ekenback Remix
Surkin - White Knight Two
Daniele Papini - Church Of Nonsense
JoJo De Freq - Feel Your Mind
Matasoul - Fix This
The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing - Sinden Remix
Audion - Billy Says Go
Marc Romboy Ft. Chelonis R. Jones - The Slam
Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire - Diablo
Kevin Sauderson - Inner City -Mattew Jonson Remix
Pfirter - Mi Auto
Freak Seven - We Bring the Music
Jerome Sydenham - Peter Pan
KU BO Ft. Fefe MC - Turnerment
Santogold - L.E.S. Artists - Switch Remix
Patrice Baumel - Roar
Tiga - Sunglasses At Night - Alter Ego Remix

And below you can listen to my interview with the FM4 La Boum radio show, another fab electronic music purveyour from Vienna (you may have to load the page twice to get it to play):

JoJo De Freq Interview @ FM4 La Boum Radio, Vienna

And this is a funny little video from the night, done by some of the organizers, complete with gimps and all. I really have no idea what going on as it's all in German, but it looks like some plem plem fun: