17 Dec 2008

Tokyo Jo

I played in Tokyo this weekend. What amazingly intensely insane and exhausting trip that is etched into my mind forever. Did I say I enjoyed it? That's what I meant. I don't think I ever adjusted to the 8 hour time difference. But it sort of worked out because as soon as I realized this, it just meant I let myself sleep all day and stay up all night (this is really helpful for a DJ actually). I did manage to do some stuff in the day....like a lot of window shopping, the pound was seriously letting me down there, everything worked out to be like paying for it's weight in gold. But the best times were had in the Tokyo nightlife: karaoke, a trip to the famous Womb club, and of course our own night at Warehouse representing Bugged Out and London at London Calling. Bugged Out residents Matt Walsh and Bi-Bop also joined me on the bill along with numurous other London mates at the party, which meant there was a lot of misbehaving and maybe just a tiny bit brits abroad at times (Oops! ;o)....oh and of course the food was indescribably heavenly and fresh, I lived off raw fish and Edamame mmmm! There are some things in Japanese culture that I found totally enlightening that made for some utopian moments, and naturally some alien moments when I didn't quite get it. I absolutely adored their tireless enthusiasm for their pastimes i.e. fashion, music, culture and the respectful attitude towards work and other peoples work. Thanks so much to Julian and Peter for being such great guides. And thank you to I Am Tokyo Night for the pic and great review!

5 Dec 2008

Saturn Returns - Fan Video

Someone posted this video of Saturn Returns, a track I made in 2006. It's synced up with edits from the 80's science fiction film Tron. I remember the movie from when I was a kid, it looked so futristic to me then, the effects look sooo cheesy and kitsch now though! The track recently got more exposure since Felix Da Housecat licensed it to his Global Underground mix CD in the Spring. It sounds almost proto-bassline-house now that I listen to it again. At the time I was definitely influenced by the Prodigy........It's not totally where my head is it at right now production-wise....the stuff I'm working on right now has moved on bit......But I thought the video was woth a look, well visualized.