15 Sep 2008

The End of The End


Oh dear, it's true, I've not posted for almost two weeks now....but I really have the best (actually the worst) excuse! My laptop of over 4 years just died on me a couple of weeks ago, just like that poof, its gone but after that long, you start to expect this to happen, so naturally I had the entire drive backed-up. No major trauma. It just means until I can afford to replace it, I have to use my desktop computer -normally strictly reserved for making music with- to do admin tasks including blogging. But last week suddenly my desk top died! Can you believe a monster 8 core processor Mac Pro, basically the top Mac your money can buy, and less than a year and a half old, can breakdown just like that!? I can't, I wasn't expecting it, and it couldn't have happened at worse time. Thank god for my extended Apple warranty is coving it. Although it seemed way over priced, I highly recommend getting it if you're buying a Mac (you also get telephone support)....anyways, this is why I've not blogged. And not done a lot of things. I've come to realized my whole life revolves around my Mac. So borrowing my boyf's lappy, I'm writing a little update finally for De Frequencies until I get it back.....

If you haven't heard already, the news was out last week, London's legendary End club is going to be closing it's doors for ever in January. Really, it's like the end of London club venues en masse this year, it kicked off with the closure of the massive Canvas and the historic Cross, along with the slightly younger fab boutique disco The Key. Then, the long-time London clubbing institution Turnmills closed it's doors, and now one of the last standing credible 'proper' club venues, The End. The End was the first club I visited when I moved to London in 2001, it was one of the few, of the then massive number of big clubs, that appealed to me because of their great underground line-ups. Now I've played there, OMG, for like 5 years?! I'll be sad to see it go. So Bugged out will be looking for a new home, along with Erol Alkan's Durr club, two important alternative dance nights residing at The End. Where will we go??? If someone opened up a medium sized two roomed 1500 capacity proper night club with a killer layout and sound-system, they would absolutely clean up right now....I hope someone does, or else we're going to be forced to keep throwing parties with crappy sound systems in the car parks (well, alt least more than we already are!)

It's just coincidence, but The End website-zine asked me to do an interview with them the same week they announced their closure. It's quite in-depth because Bugged Out asked the questions, and I think the questions are spot on because they know me so well. You can check out my full interview for The End here.