7 Jul 2013

The Solar Mix

Here it is my latest offering: a 75 min mix to get you through the Summer. Hope you enjoy it, please feel free to share comment, it will be the last one I do for a while, so I can concentrate on finally finishing some of my own material....if you cant take the heat...... ; )

10 Apr 2013

Freq Tube!

Here is some live footage from last month's Heroes! Thanks to everyone involved! I'm sorry that I've neglected this blog for too long, and so much has been happening. My bad. I pledge from now on to keep you up to date with all that is new and exciting. I will never stop chipping away at this dream, it's what I came here to do, and it will be done!!!

Check some new footage and please go and subscribe to my new YouTube channel! x

17 Jan 2013

House The House

I've been selected to be on of the judges in the London regional and final competitions! I'm really proud and honoured be involved in this charitable and positive event for young up and coming DJ's. This is something I would've loved to have had the opportunity to do when I was first starting out. The prizes are really amazing, and the experience will be good prep for some of the pressure pro DJ's have to face. The regional competition is tonight at Corsica Studios in South London. I’m reviewing now and getting prepared. I’ll be a clued up firm but fair judge. I'm really hoping there will be some girls competing too. Can't wait!

I will be ✭Tweeting live✭ from the event.

11 Jan 2013

Heroes 2013

We're Back! And for me, not a moment too soon. January can be really kinda... meh, bleh. I've recharged, and I'm ready to kick off 2013 with a bag of considered tracks and some powerful, positive intensions for the year ahead. There will be NO January blues tracks or depressing vibes in my room! See you in the main room, 1-3 ; )

The RA Page for the night

The Facebook Event Page for the night