17 Mar 2009

Dark Diamond Disco

Never mind the whimsical name (you know i luv a bit of black shimmering sparkly discotheque!), this chart is actually full of muscle. I like the contrast.........

JoJo De Freq's Dark Diamond Disco Chart

1) DJ Hell - The Disaster - Ink & Needle Remix (International Deejay Gigolos)

2) Zomby - Strange Fruit (Ramp Recordings)

3) Mr Oizo - Steroids ft. Uffie (Ed Banger)

4) Marc Houle - Flapping Around (Minus)

5) Housemeister - What You Want - Siriusmo remix (All you Can Beat)

6) Xaver Naudascdher - Afterlife (DFA Presents - Nobody Knows Anything)

7) Ramon Tapia - Tanzgefehl (Great Stuff)

8) Zomie Nation - Worth it (UKW)

9) Jesse Rose - Forget My Name Ft. Hot chip (Dubsided)

10) I:Cube - Supernovac - Live at the Lanchoneta Version- (Versitille)

.................and you can find them all neatly arranged for you to hear or buy at Beatport!