29 Nov 2008

Rave From The Grave

....I know from the sounds of my recent posts titles you might think I'm beginning to turn all goth on you, that I'll never do, but I will admit am in a bit of an escapist mood these days....escape to 92......I guess I have been ever since I read Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds - a brilliantly written, massively entertaining documentation of the history of London's electronic dance culture. A totally essential read.......anyway the point is I'm in love with this album Where Were You In '92?, a side-project by a South London dubstep producer Zomby. The album is a long player that works from beginning to end, it's dance music but not really for dancing, a rare bird these days. The production is thick and haunting, as you'd expect from a Dubstep artist, but the feeling is warmer, and there is that all important sense of humor there. It's pure unashamed early UK-hardcore-rave-nostalgia-worship, that also sounds fresh. My fave tracks are the 'Fuck Mixing, Let's Dance' with it's funny "Are you done mixing yet sample", 'Daft Punk Rave', and the beautiful 'Float'.......anyways, I played until 6 am last night at the Egg here in London, my eyelids feel like sandpaper looking at this screen, so I'm not going to get all loved-up waffle on and on........

18 Nov 2008

Vampire Weekend

I played a double header this weekend at Bugged Out with Miss Kittin. First we did Sankey's Soap in Manchester then down to London for the End. I did the late set in Manc and had such an amazing time. Thanks to everyone who stayed until the lights went on and made it such a special night. Manchester is quickly becoming one of my fave cites to play right now. I got such a warm vibe from everyone that night and I loved the warehouse feel in the club. In London I did the early-mid set before Caro. Two incredicbly satifying and inspiring gigs....playing with Kittin is always a great party, we kinda just feed off each others energy and I can enjoy entertaining my dark-side, playing mindfully and with sense of drama....pure escapist, fantasy, just for a session. And why not?

Here you can listen and download my set from the night in London. Remember this is a LIVE MIX, no computers, or Ableton have been used, just two Pioneer CDJ's and a mixer, recorded live on the night at the End. I'll soon be posting via podcast too (my podcasts are coming back with a vengeance TBA) but until then, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST☺

★ Diplo - Wassup Wassup Ft. Rye Rye - Crookers Remix
★ Jan Driver - Rat Alert
★ A-Track - Say Whoa - Boys Noize Remix
★ Hatiras - Tom Le Douche
★ Bloc Party - Mercury - Herve is in Disarray Remix
★ Plan Tec - Jonas Kopp Remix -Espias Psiquicios
★ Crystal Castles - Crimewave - Sinden Remix
★ Smith N Hack - Space Warrior
★ Man Like Me - Carny - JoJo De Freq's Island Pressure Remix
★ Tomas Schumacher - Red Purple
★ Kebacid - Felafellows
★ Kevin Saunderson - Rock to the Beat - Smith & Selway Remix
★ Melon & Je Davu - I Zebra
★ Chemical Brothers - Hey Girl, Hey Boy - Soulwax Remix
★ Medhi -Pocket Piano - Brodinski Remix
★ Patrice Baumel - Roar
★ Justice - Phantom II - Boys Noize Remix
★ Italo Boys - Zinga
★ Hot Chip - Hold On - Switch L.A. Remix
★ Kevin Saunderson -Bassline - Joris Voorn Remix
★ Fra Soler & Maxim Ruiz - Zambomba
★ Diplo vs Sega - Ready Or Not
★ Holgar Zilske - Wrecker

11 Nov 2008

Return Of The Mac!

After an unbelievable 6 weeks of painful computer withdrawals, the Mac is back! It's hard to believe that Apple could not figure out what went wrong with my machine. It was a freq case of Mac attack. My repair guy told me it was getting shipped strait over to the Apple development technicians -in other words the people who actually design the machines- so they could try to solve the mystery of my Mac....in the end they had to replace my entire machine....To credit Apple, they did give me incredibly fantastic customer support and genuinely tried resolve the issue, while reimbursing me for anything lost in the process (except precious time of course). I truly wish all the businesses I have to deal with with were so helpful. I still love Apple for all the genius stuff they produce. I've had 6 weeks to learn how everything I do completely revolves around my Mac, to say I'm happy it's back would be a massive understatement.......So after this little period of misfortune, now I can finally get back to blogging, being a digital DJ and of course my most beloved passion, making music.

On top of the Mac meldown, October had been one of my busiest DJ months of 2008. I played everywhere from Moscow to Madrid, from Nottingham to Newport. It's a shame I've not been able to tell you all about them.....but there are still many more to come.....that's one of the reasons I like to blog: the second you finish playing the experience just disappears into the cosmos, here I can at least document a little bit of the hard work and excitement that is unique each night.

To try to make up for my Mac attack and my resulting neglect of this blog, I'M OFFERING 10 HALF PRICE TICKETS ON MY GUEST-LIST FOR BUGGED OUT THIS WEEKEND at the End in London exclusively for De Frequencies' blog readers. So that means £8 tickets and guest-list cue. The first 10 people to email us here at De Frequencies will get 'em. It's gonna be a fabulous party will me and Miss Kittin ripping it up in the main room and loads of other hot guests, so get yourself down there, and if you're in London and you're a Freq HIT US UP!